Like A Church

This may seem like a strange way to talk about the value of roofing and siding and home improvement services, but then again, it's a big part of what people think about when they want to try to improve a property, especially someone's home.

Late last week, we were talking with a family member of one of our team about practical considerations in Lexington, South Carolina real estate.

“You want your roof to look like a church,” he said. “Nice and clean.”

That kind of makes an impression: when you think about the best choices in residential roofing and siding, what’s going through your head? And what has a bearing on the decisions that you make as a property owner? Knowing more about this helps us to improve our business, and serve our customers better each day.


At the heart of it, there is a reason why people would say they want the roof of their house to look like a church roof, or a school or hospital roof, etc.

As communal and institutional properties, churches have the resources to invest in this type of professional and top-tier work for their buildings. Homeowners may not, at least not to the same extent, and that will perhaps be visible on some properties. Homeowners may have to pick and choose their strategic improvements, and that might mean that one part of the property or another looks a bit disheveled, at least for some time.

There’s always the idea of keeping up with the Joneses and the idea that “the grass is always greener” somewhere else, but that’s not really what this is. Everybody wants a good roof that is solvent, that keeps water out, and that looks good, too. That’s not some unattainable goal.

The Best Roofing Companies

With our skill and experience with asphalt shingle roofs and other types of roofing, Exterior Genie can provide the aesthetic results that you crave as a property owner. A nice and clean roof doesn't have to be a supreme luxury – the right firm can get your roof looking good, whether it's a fix or replacement, in an affordable way. Knowing how to work with insurance companies is also a plus, because some forms of damage may be covered according to the legalese in your contract.

Browse the web site and check out the gallery to see how Exterior Genie, with 25 years of experience in this field, helps to create that lasting impression for local properties. Get connected to a firm that cares, and has the strength to get the job done. 


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