3 Residential Roofing Upgrades You Should Invest In


Few jobs are more challenging than being a homeowner. Not only do you have to keep the vital parts of your home functional, you also have to find ways to improve them. While taking on home improvement projects can be expensive and time-consuming, they will add a lot of value to your residence.

Over the past few years, home improvement spending has increased by nearly 14 percent. Spending your home improvement budget on the right project is something you should view as a priority. Upgrading your roof is a great way to prevent future repair issues and add appeal.

Below are some of the residential roofing upgrades you should invest in.

1. Invest in Better Roof Ventilation

When trying to figure out how to improve your residential roof, scheduling a professional inspection is a great idea. The information from this inspection will allow you to pinpoint areas that need to be improved. If the inside temperature in your home is uncomfortable in the summer months, you might be dealing with roof ventilation issues. A poorly ventilated attic will feel like a furnace in the summer months.

The more heat your attic retains, the harder it will be to keep the inside of your home cool. One of the best ways to cool off your roof and attic is by investing in better ventilation. A roofing contractor can install gable vents to help expel the hot air from your attic. Consulting with a roofing contractor is the best way to figure out which roof ventilation option is best for your home.

2. Have Energy-Efficient Shingles Installed

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with a vast array of shingle options at their disposal. Shingle roofs are extremely popular in the United States. If one of your main goals is to make your home energy-efficient, then choosing the right shingles is vital. There are a number of shingle colors and textures that can make your home look appealing.

Many of these shingles also have reflective properties designed to reflect the sun’s rays. If you live in a home that gets a lot of direct sunlight, then investing in these reflective shingles is a good idea. By choosing these reflective shingles, you can keep the inside of your home cooler in the summer months. Hiring professionals to install these new shingles will help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

3. Low-Maintenance Gutters Are a Must

One of the most important roofing components on your home is the gutters. If the gutters attached to your home are damaged or old, your roof can get severely damaged. If you feel like the gutters on your home are old and damaged, it is time to make a change.

Low-maintenance gutters are a great addition to any home. These seamless gutters are less likely to leak and will last a long time if installed properly.

Are you ready to upgrade your residential roof? If so, let the team at Exterior Genie help you out.