Signs To Look For When Performing Routine Roof Checks


Roofs are our home’s first line of defense against the sometimes harsh elements of nature. When a structure’s roof is strong, it’s interior, and occupants are safe and comfortable. However, if a roof is compromised, the structure is vulnerable to a myriad of issues that can become costly to resolve.

The roof is meant to create an impenetrable barrier for your home. Over time the roofing materials can begin to wear down and deteriorate, which enables its ability to protect your home. Many homeowners don’t realize the shape their roofs are in until they experience a problem and are faced with deciding to either repair or replace the roof. To maintain your roof’s integrity and avoid experiencing the costly consequences of a failing roof, it is essential to recognize the signs that your roof may be headed for trouble.

Damaged & Deteriorating Gutters
Gutters perform essential duties for our homes. Designed to carry water away from our roofs, gutters collect rain and direct it away from our families. Over time, gutters can collect debris that eventually turns into clogs. Clogged gutters hold water, which begins to seep into areas of our roofs, potentially leading to rot and decay. When gutters are old, broken, and clogged, they no longer work for our homes but instead work against them, causing many issues for our roofs, eves, and overhangs.

Loose, Detached, & Damaged Shingles
Roofing materials come in a wide array of styles and products designed to layer the outer portion of your roof in protection against the elements. It stands to reason, then, that if you notice any loose, detached, or missing shingles, you should remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Shingles can be damaged from falling limbs or the deterioration of old age. Once you understand the cause of your roofing damage and determine its extent, you can make appropriate repairs that will keep your roof healthy.

Pesky Pests
Many pests find the materials of our roofs perfect places to call home. Bugs bore into exposed and water softened wood, squirrels, and rodents make nests in overhangs and eves, and wasps and bees can wreak havoc. These pests can create damage to your roofing materials in less time than you may think. It is vital to keep an eye out for any pest infiltrations and remove them promptly.

Professional Roofing Repair
Suppose you begin to experience problems with leaks or find that there are problems that need to be addressed upon your roof inspections. In that case, it is imperative to call an experienced roofing repair service to assess the situation. Exterior Genie provides licensed and bonded contractors that specialize in the repair and replacement of roofs. When it comes to your home’s first line of defense, always seek professional assistance with making the best decisions for your roofing.