Siding Replacement IN LEXINGTON & COLUMBIA, SC

Is it time for your home to undergo a siding replacement? Call Exterior Genie for a free quote today!

A siding replacement may be a scary thought, but, take a deep breath and trust Exterior Genie! Increase your home’s worth and improve its integrity by investing in a siding replacement project with Exterior Genie.

Taking on a siding replacement project may feel daunting, but take a deep breath and trusty Exterior Genie! To help you know when it’s time to call our team of siding experts, we’ve put together the top four things to look for when wanting to replace your home’s siding.


  1. 1. Test How Firm The Siding Is: After a close-up inspection of your home’s siding, you notice it’s warped. Grab your toolbox and look for a screwdriver, then poke beneath the warped siding. If the the siding feels rotted or soft, it’s time for new siding.

  2. 2. Spot check the siding for mold. If you see mold on or around siding this is a sign of moisture or poorly installed siding.

  3. 3. Look around at the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior - is there peeling paint or loose wall paper? If so, this is a sign your siding is weak and allowing moisture into your wallboard.

  4. 4. Dry rot is the biggest indicator of siding replacement. It’s not always visible, so take some extra time to really evaluate your home’s siding.

At Exterior Genie, we take your siding replacement investment seriously. Let our team of expert siding installers work with your family to improve your home’s curb appeal and integrity with a siding replacement. Call today!