What Our Yard Sign Means


If you've driven around the Lexington area, you might be familiar with the Exterior Genie yard signs sitting prominently in someone's front yard.

You may have seen it in front of one of these client properties that we worked on recently – beautiful homes with real attention to detail, and maintenance and upkeep that make them valuable parts of the local real estate market. You’ll see how we have contributed to the overall look of these palatial dwellings.

We’re proud of doing our part, too, which is an aspect of the meaning behind our iconic yard signs.

Supporting Curb Appeal

We know that our customers put a lot of work into their homes.

As an experienced contractor, we see all of the other types of jobs that have been done in and around a property to bring together a cohesive result. We make sure that our work matches this result, in order to provide the value that our customers expect. That’s a big value to people who are willing to pay for a job done right, and who want to build long term relationships with their contractors.

Do What You Say

One of our customers put it best in a recent review:

Essentially, what he said is that people may or may not be used to contractors doing what they say. That might be surprising to some, but if you've ever dealt with a sort of fly-by-night shop that likes to get the money and then provide mediocre results, you might know what this person is talking about…

It's the idea of working with integrity and completing a job on time and on scope, which is ultimately important.

Yes, it's important to be licensed and insured, but it's also important to keep your word and maintain your own quality internally.

We've talked about that in team meetings, and we've applied it to every job that we do in the Lexington, SC area.

Seamless Completion

Then there's the idea of seamless completion – getting something done completely right, and having it look like it was never done at all.

That goes back to the idea of integrating a roofing job or siding job into the overall curb appeal of the property. And you'll see the slogan on our yard sign, because it's so important to us!

Turn to Exterior Genie in the Lexington SC area for roofing and siding work done right, and a range of other property services that you can be proud of when the job is finished. You want a company that knows its business when it comes to roofing – not just a shop that can do the minimum, but a company that prides itself on its track record. We’re here for you! We are proud of our track record in and around Lexington, and everywhere that our yard signs pop up.