Vinyl Siding Maintenance Mistakes That Can Cause Significant Damage


The vast majority of homes in the United States have vinyl siding. If your home has this popular exterior covering, then your main goal should be keeping it in good shape. The only way to accomplish this goal is by taking vinyl siding maintenance seriously. Ignoring the need for vinyl siding maintenance can result in damage being done to the outside of your home.

While maintenance is important, you also need to be aware of common vinyl siding care mistakes that can cause problems. Here are some vinyl siding maintenance mistakes you need to work on avoiding if you want to keep your home’s exterior looking great.

Abrasive Cleaning Tools Can Do Lots of Damage

Taking the time to inspect your vinyl siding routinely is a great way to discover problems early on. During this inspection, you may start to notice lots of dirt build-up or stains on your siding. Removing these imperfections from your exterior covering is not easy. One of the worst mistakes you can make when attempting to get rid of stains or dirt on your vinyl siding is using abrasive cleaning tools to get the job done.

Tools like wire brushes or steel wool can scratch and permanently damage your siding. Some homeowners make the mistake of using paint scrapers on their siding. These scrapers can puncture holes in the siding and leave it in a state of disarray. The best way to remove dirt and stains from your vinyl siding is with the help of a nylon bristle brush or a softer cloth. While using these non-abrasive tools will take a bit more effort, it is worth it considering the problems you can prevent.

Don’t Paint Your Vinyl Siding

Have you grown tired of your existing vinyl siding color? If so, you need to avoid the urge to paint this exterior covering. You need to realize that vinyl siding is designed to expand and contract. This means that painting this covering can be extremely problematic.

If you paint the siding in the summer months, it may look perfectly fine. However, when colder weather moves, noticeable seems will start to appear due to the siding contracting and shifting. This is why you need to completely replace your vinyl siding when in need of a new look for the outside of your residence.

Steer Clear of harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning your dirty siding is much easier with the right chemical cleaners. With all of the different cleaning chemicals on the market, it can be hard to select the right ones. As you look at the cleaners at your disposal, you need to opt for products with organic solvents in them. Steering clear of harsh chemicals can help you avoid damage to your siding. With some time and research, you can find the right cleaners to remove dirt and grime from your vinyl siding.

By avoiding the maintenance mistakes mentioned in this article, you can keep the outside of your home looking appealing for years to come.