Storms and Roof Damage


Too often, property owners never know there's an issue with the roof until a storm hits.

That's when everything becomes visual – loose materials get torn off of the roof. If there is weak flashing, it can often get displaced. If shingles are old or worn, they're more likely to go flying. The tumult of the storm uncovers structural weaknesses in a building, for sure, and amid the emotional havoc, property owners have to make new decisions about upkeep.

As part of this equation, a roof is something that experiences different kinds of wear over time, and will eventually need major repair or replacement. A roof is worth its price, because it protects everything underneath it. That’s something that yesterday’s property owners generally knew, but some of today’s property owners may unfortunately forget.

That's true whether you have a shingle roof, or some other kinds of roofing that may have a longer life span. It’s important to be vigilant about the condition of your roof – because after a problem starts to be noticeable, it may have already compromised the building integrity in some way. That’s not to say that it has been – only that signs should be followed up with as soon as possible to prevent worsening problems.

Signs of Roof Damage

After a storm, you can often spot signs of roof damage by looking around your property. For example, if you have a hailstorm, and you see dents and dings on gutters and vehicles or your side deck or other structures, you can be fairly sure that there's some amount of roof damage up above. You don't have to go climbing up there yourself, because that can be pretty dangerous. You can get a professional to look around and help you to figure out what needs fixed. The same is true of hurricanes and tornadoes – good professional firms can assess your roof structure and tell you what's needed.

At Exterior Genie, we know how to work with insurance companies and get you results that take advantage of your policies and the care you've put into your home. We handle roof repair and replacement, along with services like emergency tarping when the weather becomes an immediate problem. We handle siding and other home improvement services, too. As a preferred contractor with Owens Corning, we have the professional know-how to make this and other brands work for your property. We are a Licensed General Contractor for commercial and residential roofs, and active in North and South Carolina. Call us for help in keeping your property in ship-shape condition!