Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Or Replacing


Waiting until your roof is leaking to have it replaced can be a costly mistake. While many homeowners dread the idea of replacing their rooves but being proactive can save you time, hassle, and ultimately costs that can incur if your roofing fails. Fortunately, there are some signs that your roof may be nearing its lifespan, and knowing where and when to look for these signs can save you from impending disaster.

Start Inside
Your first instinct may be to drag out the ladder and climb up on top of your house. But the best place to begin your roof diagnostic is to start inside. Your attic or crawl space can tell you a lot about the condition of your roofing. Look for light coming in through cracks or holes, this can signal weaknesses in your roofing. Also check for wet insulation or water-stained rafters, both signs that water is getting in where it should not when it rains.

Check Shingles
It’s a good idea to crawl up on your roof at least once a year and most definitely after an intense storm or other foul weather. Shingles are our roofs first layer of defense from the elements, and their condition is important to the protection of our homes. Broken, cracked, or missing shingles can expose the roof and lead to water damage and ultimately failure. Shingles can also begin to fade and deteriorate over time due to sun exposure and age, replacing shingles as needed can help prolong the life of your roofing and keep your home dry.

Sagging And Soft Spots
While you are up on your roof, pay attention to its slope. If you notice buckling or sagging in areas, you will want to get a professional roofer out to take a closer look. Soft spots can also indicate that the structure is compromised and in need of repair or replacement. These issues can happen over time and then suddenly become an urgent problem that can mean your roof is past its prime.

Moss & Fungi
If your roof has moss and fungi growing on it, it usually means that moisture is trapped in that area. These plant materials require moisture and water to grow, so they are a great indicator of areas that are staying wet. The cause of the roof to hold moisture should be addressed and may involve total removal and rebuild to correct.

Call The Professionals
Exterior Genie makes roofing repair and replacement a breeze with our professional and experienced licensed contractors. Don’t put off roof repair until it is too late, your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Call us today for a consultation and we ensure you that your satisfaction is our top priority.