Pin Down What's Loose


Have you ever heard someone say that the roof is the lid of your house?

Essentially, it points to the value of roof integrity, because without that, your home is vulnerable to the elements, and small problems can become bigger ones over time, as experienced property owners know only too well. Animals, weather, dirt, storms … the list of factors goes on.

That's what we want to talk about – the power of preemptive maintenance, and making sure that properties are in good condition over time. The work that you put in on the front end often pays off on the back end. That’s true with a lot of things, but it’s doubly true in property maintenance, we’d say.

Gradual Deterioration

In many cases, larger roof problems start with something small – a loose piece of flashing, a malfunctioning gutter, or a problem with the fascia or soffit under the gable.

Then, as these loose pieces experience more wear, the affected area gets larger, or water starts to seep in.

The bottom line is that effective oversight can solve a lot of these problems before they happen.

Doing A Property Walk-Through

In so many cases, it's as easy as the property owner committing to walking the grounds at least once per month, or maybe twice a month.

This type of walk-through is relatively common in the restaurant or hospitalities industries. General managers understand that by keeping eyes on a property, they are able to preemptively spot the existence of conditions that could lead to problems down the road.

But a lot of residential property owners and retail people neglect this custom at their peril!

Storm Damage

Storm damage is another issue where deterioration can happen based on an initial problem that's unresolved. Even if you don't think the storm did too much damage, it's a good idea to inspect the property afterward. You may see a loose downspout or scoring on a roof, or other kinds of problems that might reasonably have an impact on the property down the line. These kinds of “things that make you go ‘hmm’” are important catches, because untended, they could cause you a lot of trouble.

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