Insurance in Roofing: Why It’s So Important


At some point, every homeowner needs roof repair or replacement. When it is time for this, making sure you work with the best of the best is a must.

Hiring an experienced roofer is going to give you the best chance of high-quality, problem-free roofing repairs and installation. However, there’s another, less-known reason to choose your roofing contractor carefully. You need to ensure you are working with an insured professional.

Are you curious why this is so important? If so, keep reading. Here you can find the top reasons why working with an insured roofer is so important.

The Issue of Murphy’s Law

You are probably familiar with Murphy’s law and what it means. Things can and usually will go wrong if work is being done to your home. Roofing is considered one of the most dangerous jobs that a contractor can do.

Reputable, professional roofing companies take steps to protect their employees. This includes carrying insurance to cover any type of property damage or injuries that occur while on the job site. If the roofer doesn’t have this coverage, it’s best to seek service elsewhere.

Protection for You

When you hire an insured roofer, you can feel confident you aren’t liable if damage or an accident occurs. If you take a chance and hire a roofer without insurance, you may be held responsible for property damage, medical treatment, and related bills.

In some cases, the cost of a single accident can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. It is not worth hiring a roofer without insurance if this is what you may face in the future.

It’s an Issue of Trust

Roofing companies that have insurance prove they are trustworthy and that they have integrity. It also shows they are going to stand behind the work they do. If the roofer doesn’t have insurance – for any reason, it’s best to seek service elsewhere.

Finding the Right Roofer

Finding a quality roofer doesn’t have to be overly difficult. While this is true, you do need to ensure the one you hire has proper insurance coverage. This will protect you, your home, and your property if an accident or damage occurs.

You should ensure the roofer has the state-required licensing and bonding along with insurance. While this may not seem important upfront, if damage to your home or an injury to a worker occurs, you want to ensure you won’t have to pay out of pocket. If the roofer doesn’t have insurance, this may happen.

The Right Roofer Matters

When you hire the right roofer, one that is properly insured, you can have peace of mind that they will handle the related costs if an issue occurs. If the roofer isn’t insured, this may fall to you. For most homeowners, this isn’t something they want to deal with. Taking time to find a reputable, insured roofer upfront will help you save time, money, and energy down the road.