Gables, Turrets and More


You want your roofing contractor to be able to lay a standard roof effectively, with all of the design that will make your roof last for years afterward.

That's for starters. But that's not where the professional expertise of innovative roofing firms ends. Not by a long shot.

Today's higher-end properties often have significant roofing design features that go far beyond the traditional two-sided roof. All of these need their own attention to detail and best practices in place, and choosing the best roofing contractor often means getting a company that knows the details on these more elaborate types of fixtures. The proof is in how the professionals on the team talk about the engineering of the modern roof – because with a longer conversation, you’ll see whether these roofing crews know their business!

Design is what roofing is all about. In our gallery, you can see some of these excellent designs in practice. For example, a lot of modern properties achieve a better look just by adding a very small dormer or cable extension in the roof. These can be as small as a couple of square feet, but they still add really valuable accents to the property. The key is that your roofing people need to be able to handle the maintenance and repair aspects of these additions, with flashing and everything else that goes into integrating them into the roof design. The trick is maintaining these extras over the long term – as the seasons pass, as water and ice creep into any existing crevasses and put pressure on materials, as the sun and wind do their work on your roof. That’s where professional advice becomes really valuable, in helping the property owner to plan for the present, and the future.

Traditional Design

In a lot of older buildings, these gable additions were practical structural changes. A historic cupola was an access point for people inside the property to get a better view of what was outside.

Many of today's additions are more decorative. They're done to accent the curb appeal, and by proxy, the value of a property.

Here’s another type of installation that’s popular with some large residential properties with multi-segment buildings. Some of our customers like to use a traditional approach to a main roof, and simply add sheet metal over an attached turret, or an outbuilding. You can see examples of this in our gallery - it looks great!

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