Customers Are Raving About Exterior Genie


People around Lexington, SC like to use Exterior Genie for a roofing project.

Why? Well, there are various reasons, but we’ll go over three of them as presented in some recent reviews online.

On Time

Simply speaking, you need your contractor crews to come in on time and do the project when they said they were going to do it, not weeks or months after.

But you'd be surprised what kind of shenanigans people get up to in this industry. Some roofing companies act like they communicate over Craigslist – you get a message through, and then that's the last you hear of them, or you get an offer to show up and nobody shows!

It can really throw you off your game. People like dealing with a reliable company that keeps its word!

Neat Work

Roofing work is detail work. That's the simplest way to put it. You have pretty valuable materials and specific installation methods that are going to be important for the life of your roof. The people who come to work on your roof make a difference!

Again, we excel in working neatly to complete your project, where some companies can do a pretty shoddy job, in presentation and the integrity of the result. That combination of clean lines and nice edges gives you the right impression when you look at a job well done.

Clean Up After

Would you like your contracting crews to clean up at the end of the job?

Of course, people don't want construction debris and material wrappers strewn across their yard. Cleanup takes a deliberate additional step on a job, but we build that into every job, because we know that it's important. It's not just getting a new roof that people are paying for – they're paying for having their property in safe and livable condition and that includes a clean result.

Why does all of this make a difference in roofing?

Again, as we mentioned, it's detail oriented work. People have sunk quite a bit of money into materials and planning and everything else. That means the performance and the installation has to be flawless.

In addition, we have great relationships with manufacturers like Owens Corning, and that serves us well to provide excellence for our customers. If you're nervous about damage to your roof, or you have an aging roofing system that needs a look, contact us and we’ll help you out!