Common Problems That Can Damage Your Commercial Roof


As a small business starts to grow, the need for additional space will arise. Most new businesses will operate from a home-based office. If you have outgrown your home-based office, then now is the time to purchase a piece of commercial real estate.

The commercial real estate market in the United States is worth over $16 trillion. Once you find and buy a piece of commercial real estate, keeping it in pristine shape should be a priority. The roof on your commercial building will require lots of care over the years to avoid damage. Read below to find out more about common problems that can damage your commercial roof and how to avoid them.

Pooling Water Caused By Drainage Issues

When a new commercial roof is installed, professionals will work hard to ensure it drains properly. Essential equipment like gutters and downspouts will be installed to help with the removal of rainwater from a commercial roof. Over time, these elements of your commercial roofing drainage system might start to fail. Issues involving rusted gutter seams and clogged downspouts can lead to water pooling on your commercial roof.

Allowing standing water to remain on a commercial roof can lead to leaks occurring. This is why having your drainage system inspected and cleaned by roofing professionals is so important. Routinely maintaining your roof drainage system can help you stay one step ahead of repair issues. This is why you should view this type of professional maintenance as a necessary expense.

Damage Drain, Vent or Pipe Seals

The average commercial roof contains lots of vents, pipes and drains. These elements puncture the roof, which means they need to be sealed properly to avoid leaks. A commercial roofer will seal around these elements with flashing and a tar sealant. However, these sealing agents will wear out over time and can cause significant leakage problems.

Regularly inspecting the drains, vents and pipes on your commercial roof can help you pinpoint problems early on. If you notice the sealant or flashing around these pieces is compromised, contact roofing professionals immediately. The faster you can address these problems, the easier it will be to avoid extensive damage to the inside of your commercial building.

A Damaged Roofing Membrane

Large sheets of thermoset and thermoplastic are generally placed on a commercial roof to create a seal. This roof membrane will need to be applied properly for it to adequately protect the commercial roof. Improper commercial roof seal installation can lead to damage from the sun and rainfall. If there are holes in your existing commercial roof membrane, then you need to take action and get them fixed.

Having this membrane replaced with the help of an experienced roofing contractor will help you prevent further damage. The money paid for a new membrane will be worth it due to the future problems it can help you avoid.

Are you currently dealing with commercial roof repair issues? The team at Exterior Genie can help you diagnose and fix these problems.