Being Proactive Helps To Keep Your Roofing Strong


Spring showers are a welcome sight for many home owners whose landscapes are in full bloom, but for some homeowners with compromised roofs, these rains can pose serious threats of damage. Leaking roofs are the number one cause of structural water damage to homes, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repair and cleaning costs.

What Causes A Roof To Fail

Roofing can begin to fail for a number of reasons, age of the structure, type of roofing materials, and weather damage can all be creating ways for water to seep inside. Conducting yearly roof examinations will help you understand how sound your structure is as well as give you a heads up if problems begin to arise.

Checking Your Roof

Walking on your roofing will help you find any soft spots, as well as allow you to check for loose, broken, or missing shingles. Finding any of these issues early can give you a chance to have repairs made before leaking becomes a problem. Shingles can be removed by falling limbs and debris, high winds and rainfall, or simply due to old age. It is important to know the condition of your roofing materials and to inventory the area for any signs of water damage.

Keeping Gutters Clean

Keeping gutters free from debris is also imperative to maintaining the health of your roof. Gutters are meant to channel the water away from your house, if they are blocked or broken, water can flow into parts of your roof that increase its chances of rot. Gutters should be cleaned annually or after any big storm where debris may have fallen onto your roofing.

Protecting The Eaves

Rotting can also occur in the eaves of your roofing. Animals such as birds and squirrels can make next in the eaves that can eventually cause the wood to rot around the area. Animals can also chew into damaged wood and infest your roofing and its structure, leading to possible extensive damage or leaking. Thoroughly checking the eaves of your roofing and cleaning away any nests or other materials will help to keep these areas free from damage.

Get Professional Assistance

If you see any existing damage to your roofing, or are experiencing leaks when it rains, contact Exterior Genie to schedule an appointment before further damage is done to your home. Exterior Genie can repair, replace, or remodel your roofing or exterior of your home with our over 25 years of restoration experience. Your home is only as strong as its roofing, call Exterior Genie today to help you keep your home safe and dry.